Thursday, March 15, 2018


have you ever felt so bad
to choke life if it was a person
not a miracle as they said
but just a mirage, an illusion

everyone you meet on the street
seems to be nice and plays along
God fuck their fake smiles the facade
if they could they would just do you wrong

For them I am a comedian
I make them laugh in glee
Of course they find me funny
because that shitty joke is me

cost of not feeling the pain
was not feeling anything
sunshine, wind and the rain
everything was same, nothing

I have locked out the world
Let it come at me to harm
Now it would never hurt me
Ha!Ha! I am a hologram

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Fir kuch likhun

Dil ki aawaaz jab
Shabdon ke sahare
Kaagaz par utare
Sadiyan bit gayin
To socha
Kuch to likhun
Par prashn bada tha
Likhun to likhun kya?
Kya bhaav hai?
Kya abhaav hai?
Kya khushi hai?
Kya nami hai?
Kya hun poora?
Ya kuch kami hai?
Fir is prashn ka
Ek hi uttar mila
Khud ki aawaaz hi
Sun nahin pa raha hun
Shayad isiliye hi
Likh nahin paa raha hun

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

That Moment

Those moments when you pass me by
It's so hard to pacify
My heart.Beating loud
Body Froze. Life Paused.
And all I would think is that
if you just turned now, what would I chat

That moment when I saw you
Indeed dreams do come true
All I needed was just once chance
The first sight love. Its fragrance.
Will make you mine when we meet again

-------- Long Time ---------

That moment when you passed me by 
Its so hard to rectify
Mistakes of past. The ego.
Mind numb. Tears ready to go. 
All I thought was you would turn back
Notice me. Acknowledge.

That moment when I remember
the dream to be with you
is long dead to ever come true
And today at that very moment 
I will have to kill it again.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

2 + 2 = 4 Ayn Rand Style

2 was happy.No Happy was not the word. 2 was feeling light.  Not because it  had achieved it's purpose in life but because it had achieved the finality to it.
The total summation of all it's life to yeild the ultimate digit.. 4. And the ultimate realization of the fact that it needed no other digit  to make that happen only made it sweeter {Please note that you cannot add two equal digits to 4 except 2 }

 Businessmen 1 and 3 were jealous. Because this discovery had just shot the hole in their pie. The pie built from the  money earned by the decent digits of digitville.

Digitville was built by Aryabhatta when he brought with him his son '0' to live here. And from then on more and more digits kept piling up. This town was like no other town. It did not boast of tall buildings and beautiful malls but  being whole this city lacked all the negativity and complexity. A simple and positive town where all the beautiful digits lived happily .. until the day 1 and 3 found that they can together create 4. This realization brought a revolution to digitville but  at the expense of  other digits who were overcharged and overtaxed for this very necessary digit.

But all this was past now. The discovery of 2 will make this digit cheaper and abundant. More over the competition could bring the rates of 4 doen. They wanted to do somthing but the buck was now out of there hands. The whole town would be juvenile and they would be forgotten.

1 and 3 were calling 2 names like greedy , selfish , profit sucking and a  blood thirsty coward .. everything that 2 was not and in fact just the opposite. They even bribed the "+ inc"  the manufacturer of the tool{addition} to produce 4 to third this.  "2 had monopolized the creation of 4" They screamed. They were using 2's virtue of calmness against it.  1 and 3 gave several media interviews which were titled "2 kaudi ki digit" {A vulgarity still famous and thrown off to good people }. They had friendship with the Washington people and passed a "Equalization Of opportunity" bill restricting 2 to the amount of 4 he could produce.

2 was diappointed. With the right tool he could have reduced the evil spread by the looters and second handers 1 and 3.But what for ? These kind of digits have killed the innovation in society and called rationality impossible.And the simple digits of this town do not understand this.

 1 year later:

1,3 and + asked 2 - "What do you think of us now that we have destroyed your factory, your reputaion and everythign you worked for?"
To which 2 replied - "But I don't think of you"

2 was not amused. No This was not the world he would live for. He could leave it or he could fight it. Leaving it would be a end to his life so he thought of ending his life while fighting this evil spread in the society like a poisonous root to the ground - unseen by the social tree which believed that the root will grip the earth firm and help in it's existence while failing to realize that the root will destroy the very support tree wanted to use and there will be no more existence , of him of anyone , ever again.

2 could not let the world being brought to that point. After all whatever it was this town was the only tribute to  his great great grandfather 'Aryabhatta'.
Ok he does not need 1 and 3. But He needs '+ inc' to support the construction. Why does it need it ?
Is there another tool which 2 could use to make 4 ? This could further reduce the production cost. This thought made 2 jump in excitement and he realized that he would no longer need a summation to his life .. he would name it ..''


2 years later: { No. of years Chosen for a special purpose :) }
People were chearing. They were happy. Finally 4 was all abundant. 1 and 3 had quit.

2 was not only the productor of 4 now. It had discoved something much much more important , a discovery that changed how digitville looked today with it's population increasing fast.

Yes he would not call his life work a summation .. it would be known as "Multiplication"  {Please note that to produce 4 only 2 can use this tool :) }

Sach ki Talaash

छाए  नहीं  थे  काले  बादल
फिर  जाने  क्यूँ  ये  बरसात  है
प्यादा  चल  रहा  घोड़े  की  चाल
जाने  कैसी  ये  बिसात  है .

अलफ़ाज़  बिखरे  हैं  मगर
मुझे  सुरों  की  तलाश  है
निकला  हूँ  ढूँढने  ज़िन्दगी
अभी  जिस्म  तो  जिंदा  लाश  है

बढ़  रहा  हूँ  धीमे  मगर
रुकना  तो  बेकार  है
होगा  निशा  का  अंधियारा
मुझे  सुबह  का  इंतज़ार  है

Inspired from "Great engineers are creative"

I want to know you more
and hope you don't ignore
the friend request I sent you
but can't be sure

when our eyes met
here first tonight
the rest just vanished
leaving only you in sight

I could have easily come
and said a quick hello
but what do I do ma'm
my confidence runs shallow

So here I am writing
what I could not say
now I will die living
as I can't live away

Titles are for definite objects .. this is not named

Chaahun jitna paas main aana
Dhoond leti ho naya bahaana
bhagwaan bhi mil jaayein itne mein to
Band karo yun mujhe sataana

Deewaron ko ek baar giraado
Dil ke andar thodi jagah do
Pasand na aayein to poore paise waapas
Stamp paper pe bhi likhwa lo

Maana Shahruk Khan nahin hun
Kahin ka raajkumar nahin hun
Bank Balance moderate hai bas
Par achcha ek insaan sahin hun